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Shot Scent is the first all-natural scent-based attractant and delivery system that does NOT require the disruption of the hunting environment. With Shot Scent there are NO - wicks, canisters, gel tubes, bottles, spraying, walking around the hunting area, and most importantly--

Eliminates human scent!

Shot Scent is composed of a delivery system and the "Shot" material. The shot material is created from a coarse, natural stone material that has been specially processed to retain our scent formulas and guarantee days-worth of strong scent retention.


Our hunting scent controlled delivery system is a patent pending design specifically created to deliver our shot scent product. We call it the "Dispenser Wand" - The prefect combination of size, length angle and diameter will place our natural scent hunting lure exactly where you need it from the comfort of your tree stand, blind or other hunting location from at your feet to up to 45 yards away with just a flick of your wrist.

Our scents are carefully and specifically formulated to be both all-natural and "scent-heavy" (as opposed to flavor). All Shot Scent shot material is 100% eco-friendly and poses no harm to bear, deer or other animals that it may lure in. It is, in effect, the most effective game attractant system available today. Why? Because each piece of shot will hit leaves, branches, tree-trunks, and rocks on their way to the ground and spread scent thermals for as far as you can fling the shot from the tip of your wand.



Choose the Scents for Your Hunt

Doe (Deer) Scents

It's not about the urine! Urine alone does nothing! Our doe urine contains an enormous ratio and potent mix of natural tarsal and anal gland extracts from does in estrus (heat). This "Doe-In-Heat" attractant contains the sexual pheromones that a buck is seeking. That smell will drive that buck into a nose-to-the-ground tracking scenario, just as he would when tracking a "hot" doe. All of the deer urine bases are 100% pure, fresh urine taken from live Whitetail deer.                                                         

Buck (Deer) Scents

Those bucks are looking for a fight! Our buck urine contains both tarsal and anal gland extracts, and this mix will put a dominant buck in gear on a "Search and Destroy Mission" once getting a whiff of that intrusive buck in his area. All of our deer urine is 100% pure, fresh urine taken from live Whitetail deer.

Food Scents

Appeal to the hungry "eaters" out there. Our Food Scent Series will appeal to deer, wild pig, bear or just about any game year-round. In these products, we have specially formulated "scent heavy" shot made from only all-natural ingredients with no alcohol bases, guaranteeing a strong, delicious scent to bring an animal in close. Each food scent product is formulated to be specifically attractive to the particular animal it was designed for, based upon zoological information gathered on these animals.


Unlike scent wicks and other “hanging” scent products, Shot Scent has a natural, random disbursal pattern like what would come from a live deer. No need to disturb the hunting area like when hanging wicks.

Different scents used in nearby shooting lanes can compliment each other for a better scent profile.

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Gone through all the scent material in your Shot Scent starter kit?

No problem! Here is a refill kit for what you used. Just keep the wands that came with the starter kit and use the refills when hunting.

The refill set includes:
  • 2 Doe Estrus (Loose Stone) Bags
  • 1 Apple Scent Bag
  • 1 Corn Scent Bag
  • 1 Buck Tarsal (Loose Stone) Bag
All product has been freshly made for this year.