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Some of the more recent trophy photo's taken on our properties.


Congratulation to new member Scott and son (future member)

Congratulations to Jack Alleborn for taking a nice 9 pointer


Congrats to our fearless leader, Frank LaRosa, who finally found the time to go hunting this year. Great 8-point.

Congrats to new member Jose Perez on his nice 8-pointer!

Congratulations to Ryan Menosky (12 years old) on his first deer!
We're sure Dad, Mike Menosky, is one proud Dad!

Paul Mattessich 8-pointer!

With a heavy heart we said good bye to one of our friends, Craig Moote,
who passed away the day after taking a buck during shot gun week, 2014.

He’ll be missed and our prayers will continue to go out to Craig’s father-in-law, Bob Geffinger and his family.
We are having the deer mounted and hung in the club to remember our friend for years to come.

Congrats to Gary Woods for this opening day buck (shotgun) 2014

Congratulations to Ken shearer for taking this 7 pointer on opening day (shotgun) 2014

Congratulations goes out to Dan O’Malley for taking a beautiful 8 pointer on Stellatano’s Farm.
I’m also happy to see he was using our Shot Scent Apple scent o bring him in.
As Dan said, “That stuff really does work!"

Congratulations to new member Sean Levins for taking this nice Red Fox on the evening of 9/18/14


Turkey harvests with our member and guide Gary Woods

A successful opening day for 2013 6-Day Firearm season

A belated “nice job” to Dan Strittmatter for taking this nice 8 pointer on his first day out all season this year. Dan took the shot through a shooting lane that was created this summer at one of our existing stand locations. This is a good example of how the hard work done over the summer leads to success during the season.

Congratulations to our guided hunt, Father and Son team Doug & Anthony Calandra!
"The buck came in on us from the right at 6:30am and walked right under our stand. Then he made a right towards the corn my guide put out a few days before. He turned broadside and I took the shot. You guys couldn't have set it up any better for us. The stand was great, it had great cover and perfect shooting lanes. I was thrilled to have my son experience such a great hunt. Thank you for having us and thanks again for the fantastic day. What a great memory!"

Congratulations to Dan O’Malley for taking a beautiful 9 pointer on 9/29/13 that weighed approximately 180lbs.

If you are looking for trailcam photo's from our properties, you can see them here.