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Falling Leaf Outfitters - Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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We all had a good time and saw deer.

Tom was a pleasure to work with.

We could tell that he really wanted us to be successful and it was clear that he worked very hard to set up spots for us.


Matt L

Call 2018 - Marlton

Dear Frank, I just completed my first hunting experience with your hunting guide Tom Haines and I had a great time. I was able to successfully take down two does! I was very impressed with the skill and experienced shown by Tom. I am also very pleased with the amount of preparation that was shown by Tom from baiting several locations and using video cams to provide me with the best chance at a successful hunt. I will recommend falling leaf outfitters to any hunter. Thank you for a great hunting experience Matt L

Joelle and her daughter Doninique

16 Year Old Girl Comes with Mom

November, 2014-

Hi Frank,
I just wanted to let you know that Dominique had a GREAT time on her hunts. Although she did not see any deer, she had a great time!! Both Gary and Stan did EVERYTHING they possibly could to make her experience wonderful and to shoot a deer. They could not have done more for her, and they are such great guys! All of the members of your club that I met were so nice to us. 
Thanks again! Joelle 

This testimony was about a 16 year old that came with her mother. On the first day she sat with her mom. We convinced her to let her go alone on the second day to put her in a better spot. Unfortunately they spooked, what we think was a buck, when they got to the stand while getting her situated. That was the only action she had all day. We REALLY tried to get her a shot on something. The day before we had a "six" walk right under the stand with another member who let it go, and then recommended that we put the girl there. 

Doug and Anthony

Doug and Anthony

Fall Bow Hunt

November, 2014-

Dear Frank,
Anthony and I had a great day at FLO yesterday. While the deer didn't cooperate, we still had a blast. Thanks to you and Dan for providing us with another terrific memory. While it's always nice to harvest a deer, the real fun is just spending a great day hunting with my son. Thank you for your flexibility in accommodating our changing schedule and for the opportunity to hunt again with FLO! We'll be back again for sure!

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