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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many acres do you hunt?
A: Currently (increasing in 2017), just over 850 acres of private prime farm land and approx. 14 sq. miles of county and federal lands by permit and registration.

Q: How many tree stands do you have on the properties?
A: Over 80.

Q: How many members do you have in the club?
A: We average about 50-60 per year, a good portion only hunting shotgun or muzzleloader and the remainder are all around members hunting all seasons.

Q: How about sleeping quarters?
A: We have arrangements with local hotels very close by or you may bring an RV or trailer to stay in on club property, so long as it leaves with you when you do.

Q: What kind of slug gun is legal for deer hunting?
A: 12 ga. Rifled or smooth Slug barrel with variable scope, lighted dot scope as well as buckshot smooth barrel no sights. Rifled barrels with out a scope need to have iron sites front and rear.

Q: What kind of muzzleloader is legal?
A: Any muzzleloader from pure primitive flintlock to a rifled barrel, inline ignition and variable scope or open sights.

Q: How much is a non-resident hunting license cost and what do I need to buy one?
A: Non resident license fee is $135.50. a copy of any state hunting license or a hunter safety course certificate would be sufficient to purchase this license. Muzzleloader hunters need to acquire a rifle permit from the state by showing proof of your out of state license and a $18.50 fee good for two years.

Q: Do I need to sign in for every hunt?
A: YES, This way all members know the the stand has been reserved or is being reserved for that time period. Any and all members must always sign in when they visit the clubhouse or to scout, bait or at any other time, during the season or out of the season. This is a MUST.

Q: Do I need to sign out after every hunt?
A: YES, This is a courtesy to all members who are coming in to hunt. It also acts as a safety factor for all members to know where everyone may or not be.

Q: Is butchering available on premises?
A: Not at this time, but we would be more than happy to help you field dress your kill and give you advice on butchering yourself of finding a local butcher to do it for you.

Q: Can anyone use a stand that has been erected or built by a member for his or personal use?
A: YES, Only if the owner of that stand has not signed out for it for that day. All stands are available on a daily, first come basis.

Q: What about reserving a spot or stand for the opening day of shotgun and bow season?
A: RESERVATIONS are available from two Saturdays before the openers. There will be a sheet in the reservation book available at the clubhouse. Reservations pertain to these two opening days only.

Q: Can you guarantee that a personal stand will not be damaged or stolen from our property or adjoining lands?
A: NO, Whoever install it, must understand that it is at their own risk. You can do your best to secure it and lock it in it's place. Some of our properties exist along side of public grounds, so strangers do come in on rare occasions.

Q: Can rabbits and squirrels be hunted on any of the properties?
A: NO, It will interfere with those members deer hunting.

Q: Can squirrels and rabbits be hunted after the deer season closes on any of our properties?
A: NO, We utilize our properties for our coyote and fox hunting during that period right into March 15th.

Q: Can turkeys be hunted in any of our permit zones?
A: YES, All of our properties can be hunted if they fall within the correct zones and you have the proper permits.

Q: When can deer bait be put out on our properties?
A: BAITING is allowed only during the scouting season and regular permit hunting seasons. We need to honor the farmers privacy and crop preparation during our off season.

Q: Can you drive your vehicle closer to the area you want to bait, so as not to carry heavy loads long distances?
A: ONLY if no one is hunting in that area at that time and access can be made without any damage to crops and food plot strips. You should accomplish your task in a timely manner and remove your vehicle as soon as possible.

Q: Can deer be gutted anywhere in the woods?
A: YES, But try to stay at least 40 to 50 yards from any tree stand.

Q: Is there any way to contact some one if you have an emergency when in the woods?
A: YES, You can call the Emmons Farm Office. It is answered or monitored for messages. Call 856-316-4649 and leave your location or stand number. You can also call 911 for professional assistance.

Q: Are there any organized deer drives during the gun seasons?
A: NO, drives are no longer allowed at any of our club properties.

Q: Is the consumption of any alcoholic beverages allowed in the clubhouse or any of our properties?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT, No smoking is permitted at any time. The club house and all buildings on the property are smoke free environments as well. Smoking is permitted in a safe manner out doors.

Q: Can we shoot as many deer as the law allows?
A: In the interest of conservation and to keep our herds flourishing, we have a five deer limit per seasonal year. 2 bucks with at least 6 points total and 3 does.

Q: Do members have the right to ask someone for a Club ID Card while in the woods, especially if they don't recognize that person or persons?
A: YES, but remember we also hunt County woods and Fort Dix if you are registered to hunt there, along with our private land. Make sure you and the person or persons in question are on our property before confronting anyone. We have information posted at the club house for anyone interested in hunting on Fort Dix property.