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Rules and Regulations for Falling Leaf Outfitters Deer Hunting Season

 1. Scouting is no-longer permitted once the season starts.

2. All hunters must personally sign in and out of your own stand. No one is permitted sign another member in at any time.

3. Sign in must be on that day of your hunt and not before. The earliest a hunter may sign in will be 3am the day of their hunt.

4. Hunters must actually hunt the stand they sign in for. If you change your mind, you will need to go back to clubhouse and sign in for correct stand.

5. If you change locations mid-day, you must make that change in the sign-in book.  Only one change per day is permitted.

6. If you plan on hunting the same stand all day, and only get out to grab lunch or use the restroom, you are not required to sign out and then in again.

7. You must walk directly to/from your stand locations. You cannot “take the long way out” to see other areas.

8. Hunters must not cross out or white-out their prior hunting locations. We need this information to determine over usage of various locations for area closings (if necessary).

9. You may NOT leave a blind up without giving advanced notice on location and how long you would like to leave it up.

10. Blinds or portables must be located within 15 yds. of an existing stand location that can be signed in/out.

11. Hunters may not hunt in locations marked as “Reserved Zone”. These are small areas that another member has paid extra to exclusively hunt.

12. Deer drives are not permitted at any time.

13. All vehicles must display parking permits and hunters must have their member card on them at all times.

14. Please clean up after yourselves in the clubhouse and at your hunt locations.

15. Youth Hunters under the age of 16 are permitted to hunt for free but must hunt from the same stand.

16. Shotgun Week Rules:

  1. Opening Day is the only day members are permitted to reserve a stand location in advance. You are not permitted to change your stand location once you have reserved a stand.
  2. During the 6 Day week, you are not permitted to walk into stand locations to bait unless you are hunting that stand AT THE SAME TIME.
  3. If at all possible, we would ask that members do not use buck-shot as their choice of ammo, slugs are preferred

17. Deer Harvesting Rules to Maximize Deer Quality and Quantity:

  1. 5 deer maximum
  2. 2 Buck maximum. 1st buck must have at least 6 points. 2nd Buck must be 8 or better.
  3. Button Bucks: 1st one shot will result in a warning. 2nd one shot will result in a $250 fine.
  4. Make your shot count. If you repeatedly wound deer and cannot find them, we will start counting those lost deer towards your maximum harvest for the season.
  5. Deer taken by a Free Youth Hunter or guest will count towards your maximum harvest and buck rules.
  6. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, are you permitted to shoot 3,4, or 5 pointers.

If anyone routinely or deliberately violate the bag limit, point minimum rules or any other club rules, you would be asked to the leave the club immediately.  These rules have been put in place to create a better herd, which over the last few years, has proven to be a success. 

Have a Successful Hunt and Shoot Straight!