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Late Season Predator Hunting

Late Season Predator Hunting

January 10, 2018 by

Just like deer predators now must be on the move looking for food to keep up their weight and stay healthy during the brutal winter months.  The right optics, weapon of choice, camouflage, and calling techniques / decoys can all play a vital role in late season predator hunting.

Optics: Late season predator hunting can be brutal on not only you but also your gear.  So, having optics that can handle extreme temperatures and conditions is a must. 

Weapon of Choice: Using the right weapon with the right caliber is critical.  Know your hunting area.  If you are hunting open fields you may need a caliber of gun that can reach out to longer distances while still carry the load to efficiently dispatch your prey along with correct optics choice.

Camouflage: This can be a crucial part of your hunting technique.  Blending in with your surroundings can be extremely beneficial to late season predator hunting.  Know the area your hunting and purchase camo to blend in with that.

Calling Techniques / Decoys:  Whatever the predator your hunting the calls you send out should be ones that the predator is familiar with.  For example, if you are hunting coyotes in Missouri a rabbit distress call would be ideal.  In the same instance using a decoy that looks like a rabbit can only help benefit you.  Make sure to know your state’s laws on what type of calls you can use and when.

Late season hunting is all about opportunity.  Make sure you study the animal(s) you are after to give yourself that opportunity.  The above list is a great starting point but is just that a starting point.  By doing more research, scouting, and studying you will set yourself up to be successful for late season predator hunting.

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