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Patterning & Hunting Late Season Deer

Patterning & Hunting Late Season Deer

January 10, 2018 by

Food, Food, Food, and more food is the key to patterning and hunting for late season deer hunting.  For the past several months deer have been on their feet moving, chasing, rutting, and breeding.  Their bodies are worn down, they have lost weight, and now will be looking to put that weight back on.

This time of year, may be your best chance at that buck you have been chasing all season and to add meat to your freezer.  During the late and extremely cold months of the year deer will begin to congregate on food sources.  Bucks that were always once nocturnal will now have to eat several times a day, does that have been pushed / chased by those bucks will look to add weight for the coming winter months, and because of these reasons late season hunting becomes a great time of year to pattern and hunt deer.

Deer can be patternable animals but during the winter months when the weather can turn terrible and mother nature rear’s her ugly head deer switch their patterns to finding a food source.  This is where scouting comes into play whether you have food on your property or not.  If you have a food source on your property whether it be corn, beans, clover, turnips, etc that is where you should be.  If you don’t have food on your property chances are your neighbors do.  Find the trails the deer are using and hunt them coming and going to food.

In late season at the end of the day Food is King! Find the food or the trails leading to food and you have now just given yourself a great opportunity to harvest a deer for the freezer.

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