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Shed Hunting

Shed Hunting

February 22, 2018 by

Shed Hunting

Every year hunters all over the U.S. together put thousands of miles on their boots looking for sheds.Some of the sheds are from bucks they had been chasing the previous fall other they just happen to stumble upon. Shed hunting over the years has become an obsession for outdoorsmen and women. Here are some new ideas along with some tips on shed hunting.


You don't have to own or have access to a lot of private property. Luckily across the country there are state lands that allow people to experience the outdoorsGo deep into these places as the more undisturbed they are the more wildlife activity will be there. When combing through public lands check back often as you can. Bucks shed their horns Mid- January through Mid-March in most cases the more often you check the better your odds. Look in secluded hard to reach places that a buck can hide.


A good pair of binoculars and a comfortable pair of boots will go a long ways. You're going to put miles on your feet better make sure you can survive in them for a while. When scanning open terrain/fields/pastures/ etc a quality pair of binoculars can help speed up the process.

Fence Rows

Deer have to jump or go under fences to get where they need to go. There is a great chance that while landing or going under they could knock off their antlers.

New Trend

A newer trend is shed dogs. Outdoorsman have started training dogs to find these antlers. If you love shed hunting this could be a great tool for you. Let man's best friend do the grunt work for you.

Shed hunting allows the everyday hunter or outdoorsman to continue being in the outdoors chasing a passion he/she loves. Not to mention it’s a great way to exercise!

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