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Storing Your Gear After Season

Storing Your Gear After Season

February 22, 2018 by

All during season you have taken the time to keep your hunting clothes in enclosed containers, washed them with scent free soap, and all the other tricks in the industry for scent control but what about after season? Here are some tips for storing your clothes once season is over.

Pick a space

Find a spot where they can be, somewhere that they are not constantly moved around and exposed.


Wash your clothes after season. Use no scent laundry detergent and then line dry if possible. If not possible and dryer is used remove lint from lint trap and use no scent dryer sheets if possible.


A rubber seal tight container with a good lid.

Scented Wafers

You can buy scented hunting wafers at any sporting goods store. Put them in at different levels of your clothes and over the coming months the scent will work its way into the clothes.

Storage of your hunting clothes is an important step looking towards the next year. Proper storage keeps the clothes in good condition and helps keep your scent control in check.

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